At EnVision EduTech, each and every student is unique; and our mission is to share what we know, and how we do to enrich their future. However, students are always diversified. Some students tend to be more active, some tend to be more passive. Traditional pedagogical approaches tend to deploy the same method of teaching upon all students, but obviously this is not working and abilities of many students with talents have sadly been suppressed by such.

After few years of works in cooperation with academics in Education Psychology, Counselling and Curriculum Design, EnVision EduTech Academic Unit has developed the unique TRY pedagogical approach to help you or your children secure better result out of their diversified personalities. “TRY” pedagogical approach stands for ‘Tackle, Remember and Yield’. Before each and every lesson, whether it’s conducted in person or via our EnVision Pheromone system, students will always be given chances to try first with limited guidance. We believe that if and only if students are given chances to try without limits, effective learning could be achieved. All of our notes are also tailor-made to suit the needs of this approach.

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