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A small shop on a street becomes a great business in the area. Let’s see how we assist M&E Fine Wine Trading to make their business success; with EnVision EduTech – we will get the job done.

With declining value of university degrees and keen competitions among professions in many industries, a lot of young people; or even, old people, have started their own businesses in these few years. Entrepreneurship has then become one of the most popular areas of interests among them. But sadly, over 80% of such “start-ups” fail in their very first 5 years, leaving nothing.

So how can you win in this competitive market?

Harvard Business Review said Marketing-is-everything. Especially in this age when your creative product may not be really creative, putting aside traditional businesses like wholesaling, exporting and importing, etc.; and now what you can win is to play with words.

Our client M&E Fine-Wine trading, originally a small shop in a street in Dongguan, has worked with members of our team since 2013. They do not take traditional so-called “marketing” approach in telling how cheap their products are, and how good their wines could be (as people are selling more or less the same things). Vice versa with EnVision EduTechContextualProtocol, consumers near their areas are analyzed via Big Data analysis. We eventually figured out that lower price could lead to failure as they want to drink more expensive wines to showcase the value of the things they bought. Thus, we suggest them not to offer any discounts for consumers.

Now, M&E Fine-Wine is one of the most renowned fine-wine trader in the province of Guangdong. You have the opportunity to succeed, just reach us.