Censpot, incubated by the Hong Kong Government-Owned Hong Kong Science Park, is a Technology Sourcing and Investment Firm that provides technology deployment, development and consultation service for enterprises and personals. Censpot is headquartered in Hong Kong, China; and through our representatives’ offices in London, UK; Tallin, Estonia; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, we also provide various localization services including market consultations, language and cultural services; catering to the needs of various clients across the globe.

Since our establishment in 2014, we have already handled more than 100 projects in over 30 countries serving the needs of Government Organisations, Listed Companies and SMEs. Censpot has been featured in local and international media including Metro Radio, Bloomberg, Yahoo, Xinhua, and CCTV China Economic Journal to share our successes.

Censpot is a full member of The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce with Directors serving in the Asia and Africa Committee and Digital, Information & Telecommunications Committee of the Chamber.