Censpot‘s team consists of former senior management of listed companies and young entrepreneurs to ensure our solutions and services are all rounded to fit our clients’ needs.

Kelven Ka-shing LIT

Mr. Kelven LIT is the Director of Censpot. Mr. LIT has over 10 years of experience in the IT Industry, focusing mainly on Project Management and Implementation of various solutions.

Before founding Censpot, Mr. LIT was a member of the research staff at The University of Hong Kong. He was responsible for various research projects and development of corresponding platforms. With such expertise, he brought Censpot into local government owned incubation and has led over 70 projects across 20 countries which have gained renowned reputations.

Mr. LIT holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Language and is now a Committee Member of various committees of The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce.

Further information about Mr. LIT can be found here.

Marco Ka-ming CHENG

Mr. Marco CHENG is the Chief Operating Officer of Censpot Trading. He has had some 15 years of corporate management experience in an international courier company.

He started from the bottom, and then to the top, step by step. Through this journey, he knows well about how to manage a company – from the bottom to the top, and from the top to the bottom. Mr. CHENG emphasizes equality and mentorship in his team. Aside from this, Mr. CHENG is also a landlord in mainland China, who concurrently owns a fine wine trading company in the province of Guangdong. He is very much involved in the fine wine trading business which has developed and provided him with a great network in China.

Eda Ming-chu LAU

Ms. Eda LAU is the Senior Corporate Consultant of Censpot. Ms. LAU has some 30 years of experience in retail business, spending 2 decades focusing mainly on the industry of Fast Moving Consumer Goods.

Ms. LAU was a senior manager of a wine merchant focused in the China market. She was responsible for handling corporate development related matters in various developing provinces in the country, including Sichuan, Heilongjiang and Liaoling. She also held different senior posts in various renowned FMCG firms including Roly China, Tait UK and DKSH Switzerland, handling corporate and market development for foreign brands including Heineken, Evian and Samuel Adams Beers in mainland China.

Further information about Ms. LAU can be found here.