11 JUL 2015 / Cultivating Entrepreneurs of The Next Generation /

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Censpot always treasures the importance of contribution to society aside our colleague’s heavy workload during business. Invited by Startup Salad Hong Kong, Director of Censpot, Mr. Kelven Ka-shing LIT, serves the role as a mentor during Start-up Salad Hong Kong station between 10-11 JUL 2015 held in Science Park Hong Kong to cultivate entrepreneurs of the next generation. Startup salad is a decentralized, non-profitable, joyful event. All of the skillful and passionate people gather together during the weekend (52 hours, from Friday night to Sunday night), pitch their idea and form a Startup team to achieve a project breakthrough from 0 to 1. At the event, there will be programmers, product managers, designers, marketing people and startup enthusiasts who first express their idea on Friday night. Contestants will then form different teams based on projects to have group discussion over weekend and scratch a prototype together.

The organizers has invited gurus (mentors such as senior executives from well-known enterprises, senior technicians, investors medias and legal specialists etc.) from different industries to support contestants by having discussions and providing advice for them. On Sunday night, there are final presentations in front of local entrepreneurial leaders. Censpot’s engagement in such a great event is no doubt our pleasure to share our successful experience with future entrepreneurs, but also as a way for us to contribute back to the community.

Photo Credit: Startup Salad