30 AUG 2015 / Censpot’s now on China’s largest Media

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Having the opportunity to be featured in China’s largest Media – Xinhua (新華社), has long been regarded as one of the greatest honors one can have due to Xinhua‘s credibility and status in the country. Censpot is honored to be interviewed by Xinhua in July 2015 for the company’s innovation and founders’ passions in business. The article, entitled “Visiting Hong Kong Young Entrepreneurs: Laziness and Demand, Thinking and Creativity 寻访香港创业青年:“懒惰”出需求 “思考”出创新" has been re-published by various media and organisations in China including Tai Kung Pao, People.cn, China News and Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in HKSAR. We would like to express our gratitude to our customers’ support and Xinhua‘s appreciation, Censpot shall live on the spirit, bringing the best service to people all over the world.


寻访香港创业青年:“懒惰”出需求 “思考”出创新 :